Joint Venture Key Success Factors

9 Joint Venture Key Success Factors

9 Joint Venture Key Success Factors | 9 Insights Into How To Make JV’s Successful Joint Ventures – the most difficult operating structure to make successful Of all business structures or operating models, the JV is one of – if not the – most notoriously difficult to manage over time with a reasonable expectation of success. Examples […]

understanding your target market

Understanding Your Target Market

Understanding your target market … An impossible dream? I’ve been working on an interesting challenge over the past few years- helping develop brand image and packaging designs for a high end cosmetic related line, very definitely targeted at women and in the age range of 20-45. Two things that I’m very much not. The apparent […]

video landing page

Perfect Video Landing Page Production

What Constitutes a Perfect Video Landing Page? A video landing page consists of a background video that is chosen from Youtube or Vimeo – any video is suitable as long as the owner has not blocked it. So the background video need not be one that you have produced yourself. Then superimposed onto this background […]

cheap video production

Cheap Video Production Need Not Be Poor Quality

Professional Quality HD Videos From US$25 The power of videos in online marketing is well known, but how do you go about producing professional quality videos at a reasonable cost? Online marketing strategy and support group InversionPoint have solved this dilemma with an easy solution that starts with a fully produced HD video that include […]